I'm a software engineer with almost a decade of experience wearing several different hats and working at nearly all levels of the stack. Throughout my career, I've worked as a Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Engineering Manager, and even a Computational Journalist.

I'm currently a Software Engineer II at Amazon where I work on building a scalable, state-of-the-art information retrieval system that powers Alexa.

As of late, I'm infatuated with Rust as a language for its ability to quickly and easily build high performance, low latency, memory safe systems with an excellent type system.

Having been a data scientist, I have a strong background in the PyData stack working with python, jupyter, pandas, matplotlib, numpy, and scikit-learn for many years.

I have background a in DevOps fully embracing IaaC, having built deployment orchestration systems from the ground up several times throughout my career.

As a technologist, my latest interests include working with:

  • low latency systems
  • distributed systems
  • performance optimization
  • application security
  • and open source