I'm a Senior Data Scientist at the Washington Post where I create data products to help news stories reach the broadest possible audience. I've worked on subscription propensity models, reccomendation engines, article classifiers, and Heliograf, an automated story generator. I'm a big believer in human-in-the-loop systems and am always thinking about the ethical implications of my work.

I am a hacker, maker, journalist, and civic technologist with a particular interest in natural language processing and machine learning. I am passionate about collaborating on open-source projects and building open-source communities.

I have worked on every level of the stack, from system level code to the css box model, which helps me quickly remove blockers when working in a team and build end-to-end products when working alone. I pay close attention to optimziation and scaling, and write clean, containerized, applications with simple documentation that are quick to deploy. When I'm not putzing away at a keyboard, I enjoy singing Indian classical music, playing with hardware and electronics, and eating tacos.